Moon Museum Leads You Through The Soothing Shoegaze Universe With The Contraptions

Moon Museum

Moon Museum is a profoundly emotive journey through the vast universe of shoegaze music. Their latest single Contraptions is living proof about it. The group delves deep into the fundamentals of shoegaze but also offers a full specter of other genres in order to please the listeners who still want more. Therefore, you may stumble upon goth-pop, dream pop, psych-rock, alternative, and indie rock, but performed in such a fresh and unique manner. Moon Museum is not just another plain and simple indie band. These creative individuals are taking their musical voyage seriously, as much as they can. It’s a group that will blow your mind in every possible way.

Moon Museum

The Contraptions capture the essence of the shoegaze sound, established in a profoundly melancholic atmosphere, soothing melodies, echoic chants, and moderate rhythmic structures. The generous servings of reverb, echo, and delay effect are enhancing the colossal cave or hall-like atmosphere that surrenders vividly hearable cathartic experience. Contraptions is unquestionably a treat for the listening apparatus, mainly because of the comprehensive collection of calmy tones, thoughtfully arranged to satisfy every admirer of shoegaze/dream pop sound. It opens up an entirely new world to the listeners, built upon the brilliance of the Moon Museum. This particular composition is available on streaming platforms such as Spotify, Bandcamp, and YouTube.

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