Toronto Blessings Are Promoting Their Latest Single White Flags

White Flags comes like a high-speed train out of nowhere and slaps directly in the face with noisy synth-infused post-hardcore maneuvers and acrobatics. It’s a composition that draws all the inspiration from desperation caused by the recent events that shook the UK. White Flag criticizes Brexit and the politicians who decided to divide the entire country as they please. After feeling powerless, Toronto Blessings took a stand against their decision and wrote a song about it. White Flags reflects all the desperation, disobedience, anger through a thoughtfully assembled slab of well-articulated noise. It’s a powerful composition for like-minded individuals who need aggressive music to catalyze their angst.

Toronto Blessings

Toronto Blessings combined several complementary genres while developing their sound. You may hear how post-hardcore, hardcore punk, noise rock, punk rock, and many other similar genres inspired Toronto Blessings while writing and composing White Flag. Just add up enormous amounts of dynamics and rage, and you got yourself an anthemic post-hardcore number that will serve as a meaningful soundtrack for a riot. White Flag is available at streaming services such as Spotify, Bandcamp, and YouTube.

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