Mud Whale Promote Their Latest Single With A Video

Mud Whale - Scapegoat

Cleveland, Ohio post-hardcore quartet Mud Whale are promoting their latest single, Scapegoat, with a video. Scapegoat deals with the ignorance of contemporary society, which more often pointing fingers in search of possible scapegoats than taking the actions to prevent global warming, condemn racism, violence, wars, prevent poverty, and aim towards a healthier society. This composition is about hunting for witches to burn on the stake as a replacement for seeking the change that will lead to a longevous solution on a global scale. It’s a meaningful number that forces you to think about all the issues that surround us as a society.

Mud Whale

Musicwise, Mud Whale offers an ear-appealing blend of post-hardcore, emo, alternative, and indie rock. Perhaps their sound is based on the foundations of post-hardcore, but you’ll unquestionably hear the other ingredients. Scapegoat continuously balances between nearly melancholic melodies and relentless dynamics, so it is vividly hearable that Mud Whale offers something for everyone. It is a powerful number that carries both meaningful message and ear-appealing tones that will appeal to every admirer of a contemporary post-hardcore, emo, and indie rock sound. Scapegoat is available at Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and YouTube. You surely don’t want to miss this one out.

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