Twin Stranger Promotes Carefully EP With The Title Track

Twin Stranger

Following the series of singles, published during the entire 2020 and signing to Rose Parade Recording Co in early 2021 to release Early Dreamer, Twin Stranger promotes the Carefully EP with his latest single. The leading title track reveals flawless acoustic performance and soothing vocal lines, accompanied by the calmy ambiance of string instruments. It showcases the shoegaze/dream pop side of Twin Stranger, who unquestionably feels comfortable while examining these two genres. Besides these two dominant elements, Carefully EP carries even more ingredients that are enhancing the included compositions even more. You may also stumble upon a goth rock, indie folk, indie pop, and ambient on this ear-appealing journey, but Twin Stranger may surprise you with even more delicacies along the way.

Twin Stranger started as a bedroom project operated by mastermind Alex McConnachie, who worked on the road with artists such as Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Vacant Lots, and The Brian Jonestown Massacre. The project became a full-time band with the additions of Joe Tobin on synth/guitar, Eric Karvik on drums, and Josh Newington on bass. With a full lineup, Twin Stranger is more than ready to showcase its version of shoegaze/dream pop-infused indie-folk, enhanced by a couple of more ingredients. Right with the initial beats of Carefully, you’ll notice the pure brilliance of Twin Stranger and immediately head to streaming platforms for more. The single and the Carefully EP are available on Spotify.

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