Movie Club Promotes Upcoming EP With A Video For Trap Door

Movie Club
Photo by Dustin Downing

Straight from Venice Beach, CA, comes a powerful psych-rock duo Movie Club. The band fuses dozen of music genres to illustrate colorful sonic imagery, but it always leaves some room for more experimentations. The confident drumming performance of Jessamyn Violet perfectly pairs with the guitar works of Vince Cuneo, so their highly engaging music guarantees countless hours of listening pleasures. Trap Door is one of their latest efforts, a single that showcases the tremendous musicianship of these individuals. This composition is the part of Fangtooth, their upcoming extended play recording where the band continues their journey through the psychedelic, polyphonic, harmonious universe.

Movie Club
Photo by Dustin Downing

The video for Trap Door reveals stunning sceneries of Salton Beach, CA. The footage showcases everything from the murky shores of Bombay Beach to the avant-garde art structures of a small desert town. The adventure continues into the night, ending at the nearly post-apocalyptic Bombay Beach Estates dancing in what feels like a shell of a carnival. The video aesthetic resembles the 1950s The Red Balloon, but it slightly differs because the video is entirely in reverse. The entire footage matches the dynamics of the song and decorates it visually in a beautiful way. Trap Door is available on Spotify and other streaming platforms, while the video is available on YouTube.

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