Antidote – Thou Shalt Not Kill EP CS (Pine Hill Records)

Antidote - Thou Shalt Not Kill EP CS - Pine Hill Records

You probably stumbled upon the news on our pages or somewhere else about the Pine Hill Records reissues of legendary NYHC classics, Thou Shalt Not Kill EP by Antidote and self-titled EP by Urban Waste. It’s nearly impossible you never heard these classics, and anyone who missed the chance to listen to it, shouldn’t call himself a hardcore punk fan. Alongside other renowned hardcore acts like Agnostic Front, Cro-Mags, and Cause For Alarm, both Antidote and Urban Waste paved the way for younger generations of punks and skins to try out, start their bands and build the NYHC scene as we know and dearly love today.

Both Thou Shalt Not Kill by Antidote and self-titled EP by Urban Waste were released nearly 40 years ago. Urban Waste released their debut EP in 1982, while Antidote released Thou Shalt Not Kill EP in 1983. I can’t even count how many times I saw these records re-pressed or bootlegged. The impact of these bands was so enormous, and their message is still meaningful and relevant nearly 40 years after these EPs came out. However, this is the first time someone even thought about reissuing these two classics on the cassette tape. With cassettes getting back in all their glory, it was a logical move, so why not. Pine Hill Records are famous for their extremely high-quality vinyl releases. It is one of those record labels that’s thinking about every single detail considering the vinyl release, so I was assured from the start these tapes will look marvelous.

Today, I will talk about Thou Shalt Not Kill cassette release, but I will not focus on the music because I think it would be pointless. After all, there’s a small percentage of people who somehow missed this legendary EP. I will talk more about the look. Pine Hill Records did a tremendous job, from re-designing the cover artwork, quality, and packaging to the sound of this cassette release. It has all the qualities of a proper official reissue. The cover artwork is flawlessly printed on a thick, high-quality mat paper and contains the original artwork, tracklist, lyrics, line-up, and all other necessary information about this release. The cover also includes all the info like the original vinyl release (as I can recall). The only thing that differs is the lettering. The lyrics are handwritten on a original press, while the cassette has typed lyrics.

Pine Hill Records thought about every detail so the consumers who never held a vinyl release could have nearly the same visual treatment. The label went that far and even shrinkwrapped the cassette shells. The sound is flawless from scratch to finish. Considering the tapes are analog sound carriers, this format works like a charm in conveying the sound of the vinyl release. For those who never heard this NYHC classic, you’ll be blown away by the message, aggression, speed, and energy. The bands like Antidote are a rarity nowadays, and it is one of those hardcore punk gems you surely don’t want to miss. This release still sounds fresh after 40 years, and it serves as a significant document of the NYHC scene. Thou Shalt Not Kill EP comes on a green cassette hand-numbered from 01 to 50 and clear shell variant hand-numbered from 51-100. The cassettes are already gone at Pine Hill Records, but keep your eye on Discogs because some copies may eventually pop out.

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