Rae Radick Promotes Her Latest Single Blur The Lines

Rae Radick

Rae Radick uses all the heavy weaponry on Blur The Lines. This highly experienced and creative solo singer-songwriter wrote the song that will satisfy both the admirers of an industrial and alternative rock sound. However, Blur The Lines includes even more sonic delicacies than meets the eye. Besides compact industrial background and profoundly dynamic alter-rock definition, this composition showcases even more ingredients as you delve deeper into the song. From scratch to finish, you may stumble upon sophisticated appearances of metal, hard rock, indie rock, garage rock, grunge, and perhaps even more ingredients that are enhancing this powerful tune.

Rae Radick - Blur The Lines

From high-pitched chants over robust hard rock riffs to aggressive but compact drumming performance, Blur The Lines demonstrates all the talent of Rae Radick. Her voice perfectly matches the heavy riffages, and these two elements are working in harmony from the beginning to the end. The addition of industrial aesthetics decorate this composition even more, so there’s no even the slightest doubt that Blur The Lines will appeal to industrial music fans. This particular composition is part of the soundtrack for Dissolved Girl, a short film released May 5th on all streaming platforms. You can listen to Blur The Lines via Spotify, Bandcamp, and YouTube.

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