Happy Abandon - Facepaint LP - Schoolkids Records

Happy Abandon – Facepaint LP (Schoolkids Records)

Happy Abandon - Facepaint LP - Schoolkids Records

There’s no better way to start working week than starting with some good music. For some reason, it works like a charm for my working routine and keeps me motivated during the entire week. I decided to start this Monday with a tremendous recording, published a couple of years ago by Schoolkids Records. For those who’re not familiar with this outstanding record label, you can expect nothing but top-notch artists that are traversing over countless music genres. Happy Abandon is one of those artists who’re shapeshifting the boundaries of contemporary music, and their debut full-length Facepaint is more than solid proof of my statement. You’ll be blown away by the ideas and musicianship of this outstanding group.

Facepaint carries ten profoundly detailed compositions that are spanning over several genres. Perhaps the music of Happy Abandon mostly resembles a sophisticated contemporary indie rock, but this group unquestionably demonstrates more than simplistic indie rock orchestrations. You may stumble upon a dozen of other ingredients that are enhancing their sound even more, such as progressive rock, psychedelic rock, art rock, shoegaze, dream pop, and indie-pop. Their sound is undoubtfully symphonic, orchestral, psychedelic, melancholic at some points, but Happy Abandon measures these elements in appropriate amounts, so none of them are spoiling the overall listening experience. Quite the contrary, each ingredient serves its purpose on this cathartic music journey.

The band solely relies upon soothing chord progressions, arpeggiated segments, nearly melancholic melodies, ear-appealing harmonies, and other calmy sonic delicacies. However, Happy Abandon transits from calmy moments to colossal orchestral sections when all the instruments collide in harmonious slabs of pleasing sound. These musicians are unquestionably aware of their brilliance and music abilities, so they’re exploiting their talent to the max. Their experimentations with several genres and impressive musicianship resulted in ten immensely delicate numbers that will force you to spin this vinyl release over and over again. Facepaint offers a perfect music background for those calmy moments when you need to relax and think only about the beautiful things in life.

Facepaint comes on a translucent vinyl record decorated with vibrant color splatter. The album is also available on compact discs and streaming platforms. Head over to Schoolkids Records for more detailed information about ordering.


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