Axis Neptune – Reasons

Axis Neptune - Reasons

What started as a project suddenly became a band comprised of very talented musicians. Axis Neptune started as an idea by Joshua Cotterill, an English singer, songwriter, musician, and produced based in Scarborough, England. Then he decided to gather some other musicians to fill in the blanks in the lineup, so he then invited David on keyboards, Elliot on bass, and Jakob on drums to join the Axis Neptune. It’s important to mention that these three musicians are coming from Sweden and Chine. Therefore, Axis Neptune operates as an international band. However, the entire material for the debut full-length album is written, composed, recorded, and produced by Joshua. I would like to talk about this particular material a little bit more today.

Reasons carry twelve thoroughly planned indie compositions, entirely stacked with astounding ideas and exceptional musicianship. These numbers are so detailed and certainly explore even more genres along the way, so indie serves more like a phrase to encapsulate other similar genres involved during the record. You may stumble upon indie pop, indie rock, alternative pop-rock, dream pop, rhythm and blues, funk, and soul. Axis Neptune explores all these genres throughout the album, but you’ll notice how all these ingredients are harmoniously articulating from scratch to finish. If you need to pinpoint the most dominant genre that continuously lurks within every composition, then indie pop would be the perfect pick.

The entire material bursts with a dosage of calmness, but every number has some uplifting dynamics that force you to dance to these melodies. Perhaps Joshua recorded this material all by himself in his bedroom, but the album possesses tremendous qualities and outstanding production that could pair to a decent amount of records produced in regular music studios. After all, you won’t even notice this album is produced in someone’s bedroom. Besides gentle melodies, calmy funky chord progressions, r’n’b bass lines, indie pop rhythmic sequences, and soulful vocal performance, Axis Neptune has a lot more to offer through brilliant arrangements. As I said at the very beginning of this review, Joshua thoroughly planned this ear-appealing voyage by investing nothing but astounding ideas and exceptional musicianship. It’s one of those albums you will spin every time you crave some sophisticated indie-pop music. Reasons is available for listening on Spotify.

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