Spiritbox – Milk

Spiritbox - Milk

Spiritbox is a relatively new post-rock group that emanates from Breda, Netherlands. Since its inception, the group delivered series of singles such as Rivals, Rattlesnakes, Doris, Cannibal Days, Haunted Days, We Skinned A Ghost (For Pleasure), The Burner, Squid Machine, A Strange Loss (feat. Kiki Mettler), Alabaster and Spirit Box. Although these are just singular compositions released during three year period, they unquestionably demonstrate a perfect presentation of the evolvement of Spiritbox. Nevertheless, their latest material represents their best work to date, but instead of launching another single, Spiritbox decided to release a full-length recording simplistically named Milk. However, behind this short title lays a comprehensive collection of melancholic orchestrations, delivered just as the dark post-rock music should sound.

Milk carries ten fully detailed compositions that are revealing even more elements as this album proceeds. Spiritbox evolves through their numbers, so you may stumble upon various incarnations of rock music as you dig deeper into this material. Besides the predominant presence of post-rock sound, you’ll undoubtfully hear other ingredients like progressive rock, indie rock, goth rock, post-punk, but Spiritbox leaves even more room for other subgenres of rock to interfere during this complex material. This album continuously delivers even more surprises, and some of their twists and turns go beyond comprehension. Spiritbox articulates in such a sophisticated manner, so you’ll get the feeling like you’re exploring the unexplored landscapes, illustrated by bright ideas and clever arrangements.

The group solely relies upon the melancholic melodies, harmonies, and other sonic delicacies that intervene with delicate robust moments. Milk is unquestionably calmy, purposely saddened, sophisticated material skillfully produced to keep your uttermost attention to the cleverly hidden particles. These hidden particles are the things you should especially pay attention to while listening to Milk. Besides all these details, this material carries tremendous servings of psychedelia, progressiveness, cinematic ambiance, and cathartic atmosphere. These ingredients are mainly hearable through delicate arpeggiated chord progressions, beautiful harmonies, catchy guitar solos, and other acrobatics performed by both guitars. The remaining portion of the group keeps everything in line through massive low-end tones and stable rhythmic segments. Ear-appealing lead vocals are mostly resembling the eighties goth rock and post-punk era, but you may stumble upon some other vocal articulations along the way.

Milk is one of those full-lengths you want to spin over and over again, even when you think you heard all the details incorporated into this album. It’s a marvelous debut material by Spiritbox, who proved they’re experienced musicians capable of handling various music genres at the same time without losing the harmonious atmosphere. Milk is available for streaming in its entirety at Spotify. Don’t miss out on this gem.

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