Good Friend - The Erin Rose EP - Red Scare Industries / Gunner Records

Good Friend – The Erin Rose EP (Red Scare Industries / Gunner Records)

Good Friend - The Erin Rose EP - Red Scare Industries / Gunner Records

Good Friend is a pop-punk trio emanating from Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. The group defines their sound as a lionhearted rock’n’roll, and I can entirely rely on their statement because their music showcases more elements than ordinary pop-punk bands. Since their formation, Good Friend published a self-titled EP in 2012 and a debut full-length recording named Ride The Storm. You’ll surely notice a significant gap between these recordings, and there’s more than a logical explanation for it. The group pays a lot of attention to the details while writing, composing, and arranging their compositions. Therefore, each recording transcends with immense quality demonstrated through sincere songwriting and solid musicianship.

The Erin Rose is their brand new material comprising of three outstanding numbers. Besides classic pop-punk orchestrations, you may stumble upon some explorations into melodic punk rock, indie rock, and rock’n’roll waters. You may notice similarities with renowned groups like The Lawrence Arms, The Menzingers, Red City Radio, Alkaline Trio, Iron Chic, and RVIVR. Still, Good Friend’s music holds up some unique articulations along the way. Erin Rose Drinks On Shifts is opening up this 7” record with loads of marvelously performed chord progressions. The quality of this composition lays down in its addictive choruses, fully stacked with ear-appealing singalongs. I dig how the basslines are uplifting the sound of these melodies, and the chunkiness of the bass guitar gives even more massiveness to the overall listening experience. The group keeps it up in a moderate tempo that gives appropriate drive throughout the entire composition.

The group continues to amaze with We’ll Burn That Bridge When We Get To It. This composition is introducing a halftime tempo that perfectly goes with colossal sounding guitars. The bass guitar keeps the same approach like on the preceding number. It seems that the sound of this particular song is more uniformed. We’ll Burn That Bridge When We Get To acts as a powerful ballad with loads of entertaining moments. Once again, Good Friend uses singalongs at choruses to uplift particular segments, but they do it moderately and with style. The band closes this material with Rusted Friend. This composition could easily pass as an indie-folk or anti-folk number because of the semi-distorted guitars and chord structures included within the song. It’s a top-notch closing composition where the lead vocals are shining bright in the spotlight and have a lot of room for improvisation.

The Erin Rose EP will be such a treat for the fans of indie rock-infused punk rock music. However, there are a lot of pop-punk accentuations included throughout the entire material, so this one will be suitable for those who’re leaning towards those waters. The Erin Rose EP comes on 7” record, published by Red Scare Industries and Gunner Records. Make sure to check it out.




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