Teresa Banks - Nobody's Coming To The Rescue LP - Various Labels

Teresa Banks – Nobody’s Coming To The Rescue LP (Various Labels)

Teresa Banks - Nobody's Coming To The Rescue LP - Various Labels

Nobody’s Coming To The Rescue is the latest recording by Teresa Banks, and probably the most advanced in their career. This Finnish skatepunk machinery comprised of the Finnish, Italian and Spanish band members delivers nothing but memorable tunes that are undoubtedly remaining in your listening apparatus for a while. Since their formation, the group released a couple of recordings, such as a debut self-titled EP, Bridges We Build | Bridges We Burn EP, and the split release with another Finnish skatepunk outlet Kurituus. Outside the practice room, Teresa Banks are focusing their spare time on activism towards human and animal rights, but some members are also involved in the maintenance of Fast Decade Records.

Considering their previous recordings, Nobody’s Coming To The Rescue represents their debut full-length recording comprised of eleven highly energetic numbers. Teresa Banks heavily promoted this material over all possible streaming services and social media with Dead Matador, meaningful composition that covers crucial topics like animal consumption, animal rights, animal exploitation, and carnism. Right before the initial release date, the group also posted a video for Punk Rock Today, another single that deals with the global political climate and offers punk rock activism as a solution to the specific problem. This particular composition also provides a glimpse of hope and escapism from the daily routine we trapped ourselves into during the current quarantine. Both singles are serving as excellent overtures for the remaining portion of the album.

Nobody’s Coming To The Rescue covers a comprehensive collection of topics, vividly depicted through thoughtfully arranged music. Teresa Banks share their thoughts and personal stances about the downfall of contemporary society, current political climate, animal rights, animal exploitation, carnism, the punk rock scene, human relations, various situations, and circumstances. The lyrics are profoundly detailed, insightful, and perfectly arranged to accommodate the enormously energetic sound of the band. Teresa Banks gave their best efforts to portray the imminent collapse of a global society. However, they’re also offering a glimpse of hope and feasible solutions on how to prevent some unavoidable events.

Musicwise, Teresa Banks explores the essentials of melodic punk rock by incorporating foundations of skate punk sound with some hardcore punk aesthetics. Guitars are liberating various technicalities through delicate harmonics, polyphonous melodies, compelling riffages, and other addictive orchestrations. Both guitars are constantly dueling and pairing with each other through loads of appealing thematics, while the bass guitar surrenders massive low-end tones through exceptional basslines. The articulations between the beforementioned instruments are liberating more than enough entertaining moments, so you’ll be occupied by this recording for a while. Nothing would sound so marvelous without vigorous acrobatics provided by extraordinary drumming performance. The drummer bursts with tremendous power and stability by including fast-paced rhythmical sequences, catchy accentuations, and appropriate drum fills. The semi distorted lead vocals are layering the instrumentations with remarkably melodic chants and occasional shoutouts. Powerful singalongs and another layer of melodic back vocals are decorating his performance that certainly gives more depth to the overall listening experience.

Teresa Banks thought about every possible aspect of their debut full-length record that contributes an entire specter of thoughtfully arranged melodic themes, tremendous dynamics, and loads of entertaining moments. Their sound encompasses both old school and modern skate punk aesthetics. Therefore, you’ll surely be amazed by their mind-blowing performance at this particular material. Nobody’s Coming To Rescue comes on vinyl, compact disc, cassette, and all streaming services. The vinyl will soon be available at Fast Decade Records, Horn & Hoof Records, La Agonía de Vivir, Lonesome Surfers Records, and Sonicslap Records. The compact disc is obtainable at Fast Decade Records, Punk & Disorderly Records, Lonesome Surfers Records, and Milestone Sounds. The cassette is available through Intersphere Records and Tent City Records. Still, if you’re more into digital streams, you may check out the entire album at Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, Deezer, and Tidal. As you can see, there’s plenty of options, so pick up your weapon of choice and support the tremendous work of Teresa Banks.




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