LMI - Excess Subconscious LP - Handstand Records / Maniyax Records

LMI – Excess Subconscious LP (Handstand Records / Maniyax Records)

LMI - Excess Subconscious LP - Handstand Records / Maniyax Records

LMI is an energetic post-hardcore/noise rock/punk trio emanating from Landsdale, Pennsylvania. The name represents an acronym for Lazy Middle-Class Intellectuals, which the group derived out of the lyrics for 21st Century Digital Boy by Bad Religion. Since their formation, LMI released quite an amount of recordings, such as Sleepwalker CD, LMI III 12″ EP, Far Beyond Nothing CD and LMI IV CD. The trio also toured across North America and shared the stage with the likes of Pentagram, Full Of Hell, Today Is The Day, Black Tusk, KEN Mode, Rosetta, Long Knife, Spotlights, and Portrayal Of Guilt. Today, we’re covering their latest offering to the broader auditorium called Excess Consciousness.

Excess Consciousness offers nine compelling compositions, empowered by exceptional musicianship, ultimate precision, and mindblowing dynamics. The group delivers colossal slabs of noise through organized chaos, technically demanding sonic structures, and ferocious musical performance. Their music provides an entirely specific perspective on post-hardcore, noise rock, punk rock, stoner, and metal by profoundly examining each beforementioned genre through enormously complex orchestrations. However, all these experimentations with the sound are thoughtfully structured and arranged into ear-appealing numbers that will satisfy even the pickiest fans of technically demanding music.

The articulations of the entire group are going beyond comprehension. LMI draws influences out of many spheres characteristic for underground music that’s nearly impossible to grasp all the elements after first consuming. The guitars are offering a comprehensive collection of challenging virtuosities, detailed guitar shreds, and chaotic maneuvers. However, each movement provided by the guitar delivers a full specter of tones, delicate harmonizations, massive riffages, and dissonant chord progressions. The bass guitar supplies loads of compelling low-end resonancies through an entire amalgam of semi-distorted basslines. These basslines are pairing to the marvelous guitar works but also following the drumming acrobatics throughout the album. The exceptional drumming performance leads the remaining portion of the group through a wide variety of technically precise drumming, followed by the constant splashing over the cymbals. Besides all the complex movements, the drummer manages to include various exciting accentuations and maniacal drum fills.

The ravaging sound of LMI is unquestionably capable of wiping out everything in the broader radius in a matter of seconds. This controlled chaos caused by these outstanding musicians puts out post-hardcore on an entirely new level. Their music is enormously complex and defies definitions, so the comparison with some renowned acts excludes this time. Expect nothing but a completely mindblowing experience while listening to their latest album. Excess Subconscious comes on standard black vinyl, empowered by a magnificent visual identity. Front artwork consists of photography that includes a female character sitting on a chair beside the window while the disturbing ghosts are surrounding her. Each ghost carries a different facial expression that represents a particular emotional or mental state of the mentioned character. The backside showcases the tracklist and information about the involved record labels, while the inlay reveals delicate lyrics. The vinyl is available at Handstand Records in the US and Maniyax Records in Europe. Don’t miss this one out!



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