Descendents - Suffrage EP - Epitaph Records

Descendents – Suffrage EP (Epitaph Records)

Descendents - Suffrage EP - Epitaph Records

Descendents are making a comeback with a brand new EP called Suffrage. This material includes two compositions, which previously found their route to the recently released 45…Not a LP 7” by Milo Aukerman’s RebUke. However, his recording also involves an additional number named Royal Flush. It seems these punk rock legends are more productive than ever, and this time, there’s more than a valid reason for their activities. Suffrage represents a bit of encouragement to the punk rockers who’re still considering their determination to vote. This recording screams out for attention and urges the punk rock community to vote at the upcoming presidential elections.

Descendents are tearing apart Trump’s administration into pieces with the initial beats of On You. This opening composition includes all the familiar movements that we get used to by listening to their previous recordings. However, at some points, the orchestrations provided by the entire group seems to be more feral than on their preceding releases. Everything from rhythmical structures and catchy basslines to marvelous harmonizations delivered on guitars seems appropriate as usual. Descendents set the standard for their recordings by grasping insightful songwriting, brilliant composing, and detailed arranging we all dearly admire for years. Lyrics are dealing with the ignorance of Trump’s voters, who are unquestionably denying the rapid downfall of the States caused by his extended mandate. This composition also comes as prevention of another hellish four years of Trump’s administration.

Hindsight 2020 recapitulates the events that happened during the previous four years of Trump’s mandate. Just like on the preceding number, this particular composition goes even further in mocking the Trump supporters and the dumb MAGA brand. Nevertheless, the group also considers out all the remaining candidates for the next mandate and finally concludes they’re probably not the best choice for the office either. Musicwise, Hindsight 2020 offers another traditional Descendents approach to technically demanding punk rock sound, demonstrated by the mindblowing musicianship of the entire group. Milo’s vocal performance showcases a slightly raging approach to his classic chanting technics than on their previous records. These vocal acrobatics are quite possibly used to illustrate discontent towards the state of national affairs.

These versions of the songs sound much better than versions offered on RebUke 7”, but perhaps that record served as an overture for this material. Whatever may be the case, Suffrage deserves your full attention if you’re an admirer of the specific sonic articulations delivered by this legendary punk rock band. The Suffrage is available at streaming services by Epitaph Records. Currently, there is no further information about the possible physical release of this particular material.








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