Teresa Banks – Bridges We Build, Bridges We Burn CD (Various Labels)


Today I got a surprise package from Fast Decade Records and the first thing I saw was Bridges We Build, Bridges We Burn CD by Teresa Banks. Since I am a huge fan of Twin Peaks, name of the band instantly caught my eye, so I’ve decided to grab it and instantly review it. Teresa Banks is Finnish / Spanish / Italian band hailing from Helsinki, Finland who are basically friends who played in various bands over the years, so the idea for the band came up naturally after they realized they share the same love for the 90s punk rock music. And truly, music of Teresa Banks can be surely described as a fine blend of the best elements of melodic punk rock music which has been played couple decades ago when this genre became very popular firstly in US and then couple of years later here in Europe. Bridges We Build, Bridges We Burn CD is their second release comprised of seven unique tunes who are totally diverse on a first listening, but at the same time each of them play the key role on the whole material. Undoubtfully, Teresa Banks know how to deal with incredible melodic structures in their music and those are dominant throughout whole EP, but the rhythm section and vocals also define the direction where they as a band are heading to. Simply, there’s something hidden in distorted vocals, chunky bass lines and punchy drum snare that makes their music anthemic at some moments. Just imagine skillful guitar shredding over the top of those things I mentioned above and you will get more than clear idea about the music behind Teresa Banks. If you’re fan of bands who published their music on Epitaph and Fat Wreck Chords during the 90s, then Teresa Banks are the right band for you. Bridges We Build, Bridges We Burn is published as digipack CD by Fast Decade Records in Finland, Melodic Punk Style in Poland, Milestone Sounds in Japan and Punk & Disorderly Records in Canada, so there are plenty of choices for you to grab your own copy, but I am pretty sure this band will easily sold out their copies and it’s a wise move to act fast and pick it up while the limited ammounts of this brilliant CD last.

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