Deposit Man – Frustrate CD (Fast Decade Records)


It’s been a while since I’ve heard a band who blend melodic punk rock music with satirical lyrics directly pointed to the politics, society, daily routine and generally at the rest of those small things that make our lives less or more harder each day. Deposit Man give their best to demonstrate their musical skills in such a distinctive form by mixing couple of genres familiar to all the listeners of underground music, so they take pure rage from melodic punk rock, dirtness of grunge, tempos of 90s alternative and mix it all together to deliver sound fresh and unique on a scene full of copy / paste bands, who without hestitation recycle old punk rock riffs. As you are going deeper into sound of the Deposit Man , you will realize they are getting even more serious with various topics and each next song sound more serious than previous one. I simply dig how they change their musical direction on each tune, but once again some quality production and mastering are holding everything together like a charm, so you won’t get a feeling you’re listening various bands every time you skip to the next track. Also, I must commend great vocal range of the singer and his ability to sing low and high keys without any effort, so undoubtfully the vocals are one of the hidden weapons of the Deposit Man. It sounds to me like the rest of the bend perfectly fit to his vocal abilities or vice versa, so hats down to that as well. Frustrate CD comes with packed in cardbord digipack package and it’s published by Fast Decade Records based in Helsinki, Finlands. They’re responsible for a lot of good things considering punk rock in Finland, so make sure to purchase Frustrate CD by Deposit Man and check out the rest of their roster.