Weak – The Wheel (Various Labels)


a2333595828_10Weak is brand new Spanish outlet comprised of skilled band members who perform in other acts such as Wild Animals, Enoch Ardon, Ulises Lima, The Attack of the Brain Eaters and Acid Mess. However, Weak’s style differs of the music they played in their previous bands with much stronger presence of 90’s punk rock music involved. After just one year of performing and working on the songs, Weak as a band recorded their debut album called The Wheel consisting of eight relatively faster tracks. Production instantly reminded me of some of the older Millencolin albums, but speaking of music, Weak are much more familiar with Californian bands such as Ten Foot Pole, Lagwagon, Good Riddance or perhaps older Propagandhi stuff with slightly modern sound implemented in their tracks. On the other hand, they took a lot of their time to polish their music with pretty rad arrangements in mostly all of the tracks, so presence of the octaves are more than hearable, followed by neat work of rhythm section who are the main carriers of the Weak’s sound. Vocals are incredible and this singing style clearly suits to the music of the band, but the singalongs are also important part and they’re filling all the catchy spots when needed. Obviously you’ll have a hard time picking up bad tracks, but you’ll easily pick up all the good ones among eight perfectly executed tunes. The Wheel comes out in april on vinyl as a co-production between dozens of cool record labels and it’s accompanied by pretty rad cover artwork done in slightly retro style with a crying guy implemented on a main spot of a front cover. All in all it’s a great time for a Spanish punk rock scene and purchasing the album by these fine lads who are inspired by DIY ethos is one of the ways to support it.