Geraniüm – Fear Is The Enemy LP (Contraszt! Records)


Geranium are blackened crust punk band from Strasbourg, France who are constantly active by touring and publishing couple of great albums and a lot of amazing split releases with bands such as Human Compost, Finstere and Link. Fear Is The Enemy is their brand new release that has been published in november od 2018. and there’s no wonder why this album is a very appreciated one in DIY punk circles. Geranium are taking the best of both worlds by blending melancholic melodies with sheer aggression of crust punk, mixed with a lot of metal influences over the top and the result is pretty much appealing to the ears of every true fan of extreme music genres. Their skills are almost noticeable on all the tracks where melodies and hellish screams are expressing emotions and attitude of the whole band who are at the same time conflicting with the basic urge to switch music genres in a matter of couple of seconds. Their music delivers solution in a form of a light at the end of the tunnel, but that light is slightly fading away each time you try to approach closer to the end. It’s a depressive music, but depressive enough to offer you a solution to think about the actions before you react, so act wisely and pay a closer attention to great lyrics because these guys have a lot of smart things to whisper in your ears. No matter if you’re fan of plain crust punk, d-beat, black or doom metal, you’ll simply love the ideas Geranium have put together on their latest album. With great music comes the great art, so that’s not an excuse this time either and Fear Is The Enemy comes with great cover monochrome artwork depicturing constant fight with pagans symbols of divinity. It has been published by Contraszt! Records on grey marbled vinyl in a very limited edition so act fast and grab one for yourself.