Louis Jucker – Something Went Wrong CD (Hummus Records)

Louis Jucker - Something Went Wrong CD - Hummus Records

Louis Jucker is a very prolific artist based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. His passionate approach to music is more than hearable throughout his direct participation in Coilguns, The Fawn, Kunz, Red Kunz, AUTISTI, and probably some more along the way. However, his solo recordings are perhaps even more emotional, passionate, meaningful, and his musical approach certainly differs from the musicianship presented in the abovementioned groups. His solo career seems to be more laid back than technically demanding, but it still includes a profoundly detailed exploration through different musical expressions. Something Went Wrong is his latest offering to the broader audience that demands more than plain and simple listening, but seeks fully detailed examination and almost repetitious consumption.

Something Went Wrong comprises of ten soothing numbers, adequately composed to accommodate every mood you might be in a particular moment. Louis incorporates all the necessary elements of art-rock, indie rock, indie pop, alternative, lo-fi, experimental into the essentials of appealing indie folk music. His high pitched vocal abilities are perfectly accomodating the calm atmosphere throughout the entire album, but his articulation also suits to every single genre he might exploring along the way. These compositions are bursting with gentle acoustic melodies, composed with so much sense for balance between contemporary acoustic music and lo-fi experimentations. However, Louis still manages to exploit all the beforementioned genres by accentuating particular partitions of these songs, without losing the primary indie-folk direction.

The music of Louis Jucker leans towards avant-garde experimentations with indie folk, mainly because of his artistic admission to this specific genre. Each composition offers a slightly different approach to these experiments, but the complete recording bursts with notable minimalism. Still, Something Went Wrong carries loads of polyphonous layers, combined to accommodate the minimalistic atmosphere. Acoustic melodies are serving as a perfect background ambiance for emotive vocal sequences, while the remaining portion of the instruments decorates each composition in a completely different way. Something Went Wrong grasps all the qualities of Louis Jucker, who performed these numbers like he dedicated this album to every possible listener of his work. The complete material gradually shapes up a special relationship between the artist and the listener, so that’s such a genuine quality of this recording.

Something Went Wrong comes on a limited edition white marbled vinyl and clear vinyl. The compact disc has such a beautiful booklet, glued onto a digipak sleeve. The complete visual imagery looks mindblowing, and it perfectly follows up the presented music of Louis Jucker. Both vinyl and compact disc are available for pre-order at Hummus Records, so head over to their web store and treat yourself with such a specific indie folk album.

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