Gouge Away – Consider 7” (Deathwish Inc.)

Gouge Away - Consider 7'' - Deathwish Inc

Consider is one of a couple of seven-inches that sneaked out under the radar. At least, that was the case for me in this situation. Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of every single release on a hardcore punk scene, but better late than never. Gouge Away paved the way for themselves through dozen of remarkable recordings, such as debut Still Bored EP, Focus Your Anger EP, and a debut full-length Dies. Then, the group released a couple of more releases like Swallow b/w Sweat EP, another full-length named Burnt Sugar, and Audiotree Live EP. Their devotion to experiment with genres gathered a massive following among the hardcore scene, and the group continues on surprising loyal fans with even more brilliant music.

Gouge Away returns with a brand new single and a cover song housed onto 7” record. Consider surrenders profound experimentations with atmospheric indie sound, saturated by the relentless dynamics characteristic for contemporary hardcore punk music. This particular composition contains a hypnotic drive that keeps the listener’s attention throughout the complete number. Gouge Away levitates somewhere in between the abovementioned genres, but there’s also a certain post-hardcore vibe hidden somewhere beneath. Guitars are bursting with delicate melodies, layered with generous dosages of the reverb effect. However, some powerful guitar shreds are following these melodies with such precision. Lead vocals are demonstrating an ultimate power throughout the entire composition, and her tremendous vocal abilities are such a perfect addition to the group.

The other side of this fine piece of plastic reveals the Wave Of Mutilation, a compelling cover of The Pixies. This composition liberates an alternative rock ambiance that entirely fits the aesthetics of Gouge Away. It’s a much calmer track comparing to Consider, but appropriate enough to fulfill the blank space on the B-Side. It seems that Gouge Away wanted to pay tribute to the legends who inspired their work in the first place, and this cover song does its justice. Gouge Away added just a bit more flavor with some indie-punk dynamics. Despite the calmness of Wake Of Mutilation, this number somehow accommodates the thematics of the previous track. Consider carries a powerful artistic statement about the rising wave of nationalism and patriotism, which led to the current events across the states. The group opposes these circumstances through a powerful message empowered by remarkable musicianship.

I can’t escape the feeling that this 7” record desperately needed a couple of more songs, but it perfectly stands on its own with these two numbers. Consider probably serves as a sneak peek in a possible new material or maybe just as a sample of an upgraded sound of the group. Whatever might be the case, Gouge Away nailed with this one. Consider 7” is available through Deathwish Inc. web store, so head over and treat yourself.

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