Hidden Cabins - The Hidden Cabins Band EP - Engineer Records

Hidden Cabins – The Hidden Cabins Band EP (Engineer Records)

Hidden Cabins - The Hidden Cabins Band EP - Engineer Records

Hidden Cabins is a remarkable indie-folk duo comprised of Craig Cirinelli (vocals and hand percussions) and Brian Hofgesang (guitar, textures, addt’l microphone). They recorded numerous recordings in this lineup, such as a split compact disc with Brother Octopus, a split 10” record called Weathered with Eyeswan. Then the duo appeared on Daily Grooming compilation with Suffer The Surge, recorded another single named Corners, and released a 7” flexi entitled We’re Not Local. Later on, they have done another split 10″ record with Christina Alessi called Boundaries, recorded a single Bet It All On You, and appeared on The Damp Jersey Basement Vol. 2 with The Calming. The duo tried to keep consistency through immense creativity and hard work. It’s more than evident they succeeded in their intentions.

The Hidden Cabins Band is their latest recording stacked with five profoundly emotive compositions. This time, the duo is backed up by the tremendous support of Rich Perry and Jay DelGuidice, who are filling the spots with bass guitar and drums. Empowered by the remarkable rhythm section, Hidden Cabins are continuing their journey through the vast universe of indie music. Perhaps the folk aspect is still the most dominant one, but the group unveils a massive affection towards other music genres. Therefore, you may hear very notable influences of indie rock, indie pop, alternative rock, Americana, country, soul, and a lot more picked up along the way.

This material showcases a profoundly emotional side of the group, mainly transcended through Craig’s phenomenal vocal abilities. His soothing voice provides a wholehearted, confident, delightful performance that carries the listeners through five thoughtfully written stories. The appealing sounds of acoustic guitar are liberating such a perfect background for his vocal maneuvers, but also giving an in-depth glimpse into delicate melodic structures. Warm sounding basslines are soaking all the high tones, but also fulfilling the gaps between acoustic guitars and excellent drumming performance. The drummer brings almost desperately needed rhythmical support to the group that certainly uplifts these melodies on an entirely new level. The group liberates massive portions of astounding musicianship that will leave speechless all the fans of alternative rock-driven indie-folk.

Hidden Cabins are satisfying all the necessary criteria when it comes to composing beautiful indie numbers, loaded with more than enough diverse moments that evoke melancholy, nostalgia, and bring back memories of both good and bad things in life. It’s a record for all the seasons and moods. The Hidden Cabins Band EP comes on a compact disc housed on a marvelously designed cardboard sleeve. It’s available at Engineer Records web store, so go ahead and grab it.




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