V/A - Lamp Light The Fire: A Compilation Of Quiet(ER) Songs Vol. 3 - Engineer Records

V/A – Lamp Light The Fire: A Compilation Of Quiet(ER) Songs Vol. 3 (Engineer Records)

V/A - Lamp Light The Fire: A Compilation Of Quiet(ER) Songs Vol. 3 - Engineer Records

Sometimes it feels so good to slow things down a little bit, so what’s a better occasion than to write a couple of lines about Lamp Light The Fire, a compilation release that mainly focuses on acoustic music. This compilation comes out every couple of years and covers artists who are or were the part of the Engineer Records roster. It provides a much calmer faction of this label, which dedicates most of its time to emo, indie, alternative, pop-punk, melodic punk rock, melodic hardcore, and post-hardcore music. Today, I will write about the third edition of Lamp Light The Fire, which threatens to become a tradition, considering how prolific Engineer Record publishes its records.

This edition of Lamp Light The Fire covers a wide array of artists, such as Jeff Caudill, Old Currents, JM Stevens, Holler And The Hand, Baby Did A Bad Thing, Atlanta Arrival, The Stayawakes, Fairmont, wlots, That Dream Was Our Life, Bear Away, Hail Taxi, The 65’s, Graveyard Ghost Story, Ben Parcell, Rev. Kev And His One Ring Circus. Most of the artists donated their original acoustic compositions, except Atlanta Arrival, The Stayawakes, and Fairmont, who recorded acoustic versions of their songs exclusively for this occasion. Every number is slightly different than another, and you may find this diverse amalgam entertainful in its entirety.

Each artist puts heart and soul in its performance. The complete compilation bursts with a profoundly emotive, melancholic, nostalgic, delicate approach to acoustic music, and these songs evoke some memories while listening. The beforementioned artists are liberating generous servings of impressive musicianship, so each provided composition goes beyond the terms of precise performance. Engineer Records paid a lot of attention while picking the artists for this volume. Therefore, you may encounter slightly different approaches to acoustic music, such as Americana, alternative rock, country, classic rock, emo, electroacoustic, folk punk, folk, indie, indie folk, and indie rock. You may also hear some other instruments such as harmonica, tambourine, electric, slide guitar, electric guitar, violin, keyboard, drums…etc.

Lamp Light The Fire represents a carefully selected collection of soothing acoustic numbers, delicate enough to heal your soul and calm your mind. This compilation also celebrates 300 titles previously published by Engineer Records, but it seems they’re just getting started. Head over to Engineer Records web store and treat yourself with a compact disc version of this compilation.


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