Lost Coast – S/T LP

Lost Coast - S/T LP

Lost Coast is a post-rock quintet emerging from Canberra, Australia. The group has been active for a while, playing countless shows and delivering singles on their Bandcamp page, which will later become an integral part of their album. As the band states, this debut self-titled full-length album went through an ongoing process, and it took some time for a band to finish the material. Lost Coast spent three years performing these compositions live and then recorded the album during the April of 2019. It wasn’t until February of 2020 when the group has decided to offer this masterpiece to the broader audience.

The recording comprises of nine extended post-rock compositions stacked with a delicate melancholic vibe. The album is not dominantly melancholic but includes these emotive accentuations to highlight particular moments. Besides the foundations build upon post-rock, Lost Coast incorporates elements of ambient, experimental, psychedelic, progressive, and indie music. Perhaps there’s a lot of influences layered onto these foundations, but the group handles their music professionally and with ease. These layers are hearable throughout the entire recording, but they don’t spoil the overall listening experience. Quite the contrary, exploration through the sonic multiverses carries a dosage of appealing freshness on the repetitious post-rock scene.

Longevious guitar dualities showcase the dominant experimental side of the group that also illustrates the ambiance throughout the entire album. The melancholy pervades the calm atmosphere with the compelling echoic feel, but the quintet has its aggressive moments during the particular segments. The warm bass tones are drenched somewhere deep beneath these guitar dualities, but they’re still recognizable at some points. The sole purpose of these basslines is to fill in the gaps between the guitar and the notable rhythm section. Remarkable drumming segments provide enough dynamics to pair beforementioned guitar ambiances, and it seems the drummer spent some time constructing these rhythmical structures.

The entire recording serves as a compelling neverending sonic voyage, thoughtfully constructed to satisfy even the pickiest admirers of this particular genre. Lost Coast performs beautiful, emotive, complex music showcased through astounding musicianship. Their debut album stacks with surprises ready to be discovered, and I highly recommend this marvelous piece of art to fans of perfectly executed melancholic post-rock music. The album is currently available at all digital services, but I hope this recording will get a well-deserved vinyl treatment.

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