Discover A Fire – The Rest Is Mystery CD (Punk & Disorderly Records)

Punk & Disorderly Records always surprise their followers with some notable discoveries. Discover A Fire is an incredible melodic punk rock quartet hailing from Norfolk. The group rose to prominence with their signing to Punk & Disorderly Records, and these interesting punk rockers are the latest addition to the label’s roster. The Rest Is Mystery is, as far as I am informed, their debut recording comprised of eight compelling compositions.

Discover A Fire takes things on an entirely another level by including pop-punk delicacies over the nineties skate punk sound. Considering the presented compositions, Discover A Fire sounds mature, technically demanding, and compact enough to satisfy even the pickiest consumers of the beforementioned genres. The pop-punk accentuations are mostly hearable through appealing chants that perfectly match to intense music. Guitars provide ultra-melodic dualities consisted of energetic shreddings on one and technically precise harmonizations on the other side. Rhythm guitar sticks to the standard four-chord progressions that are bursting with uncompromising power. In the meantime, lead guitar fires various complexities, dominant enough to highlight particular moments when needed. Like guitars, basslines are providing incredible technicalities, positioned somewhere in between, but hearable enough not to spoil the overall listening experience. Nothing would sound remarkably good without magnificent drumming performance. The rhythm section keeps everything in line by including various acrobatics.

Perhaps Discover A Fire leans towards pop-punk oriented skate punk, but their music is shapeshifting the recognizable definitions of these genres. The band follows contemporary trends when it comes to song structures, arrangements, and production. You’ll notice a strong resemblance with the mid to late nineties skate punk scene as soon as the group commences. However, you’ll probably fail in your attempt to compare their music with some renowned skate punk groups, mainly because of their unique approach to the genre. Discover A Fire bursts with experience, knowledge, and exceptional musicianship from start to finish.

The Rest Is Mystery comes on a compact disc, accompanied by neat graphic imagery. The cover artwork includes a character wearing yellow raincoat somewhere in the woods, in a desperate search for sunlight. Such a cool addition over the awesome music. Head over to the Punk & Disorderly Bandcamp page and give this material a try. Make sure to purchase a physical release, and support this prolific label and the band.

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