S.I.G – Take What You Get LP (SBÄM Records)

S.I.G is a relatively new Austrian punk rock group based in Graz. Perhaps the group exists since 2016, but its band members are roaming the Austrian DIY punk rock scene for decades. Before their engagements, a couple of members were active in Styrian Bootboys, longevous street punk band. Since the formation, S.I.G shared the stage with some renowned acts such as Angelic Upstarts, The Generators, Be Like Max, and others, but also made an announcement last year about the debut album by releasing three songs on Spotify. In 2020, the group signed to SBÄM Records, a longstanding record label with an impressive back catalog.

Take What You Get offers twelve anthemic punk rock compositions stacked on a lemon yellow vinyl. The group levitates between hymnic aesthetics of street punk music but also includes some classic melodic punk rock maneuvers without favorizing each genre. It seems that the band thought about the song structures, arrangements, and other vital elements of the album in accordance to keep their music somewhere in between these two subgenres. Each composition retains dynamic through compelling mid-tempos, which has been saturated by dominant low-end tones. The basslines are hearable throughout the entire material, fulfilling the atmosphere with some impressive moves. These basslines are mostly warm, clean, drenched in between guitar channels, but also sometimes dominantly distorted to highlight certain breaks within the songs.

Both guitars cover an energetic rhythm section with appealing four-chord progressions. Lead guitar layers these guitar shreds with catchy harmonizations, octaves, and other licks characteristic for both street punk and punk rock sound. Guitars are using the exact formula for each composition, but every following number sounds fresh and entertaining. Therefore, Take What You Get appears as a bit of desperately needed refreshment, especially on the scene that sometimes might seem repetitious. Vocals are another prime element of this amazing quartet. Lead vocals keep subtle dosages of natural distortion in the vocal cords but also bursts with melodic chants when needed. It perfectly matches to melodic structures presented by both guitars. Back vocals support these chants with classic shouts, and there’s a vast portion of singalongs throughout the album that enhances the overall power of the band.

S.I.G will suit both admirers of street punk and melodic punk rock sound, mainly because of their ability to transform, or should I say, switch from one subgenre to another in a matter of seconds. Take What You Get appears melodic, dynamic, compact, but also tight and aggressive at the same time, and these Austrian punk rockers without any doubt possess all the tools of the trade to write, compose and execute incredibly catchy punk rock album. Another thing worth mentioning is the multilingual lyrics. Besides numbers sung in English, the group includes a couple of tunes performed in native German language. It’s a neat addition considering the vast majority of groups nowadays perform exclusively in English.

Besides the beforementioned lemon yellow variant, Take What You Get is also available as a color splatter vinyl, standard black vinyl, compact disc, and digitally through various streaming services. The album officially comes in August, but you can preorder your weapon of choice immediately. Head over to the SBÄM Records website and treat yourself or loved ones with awesome punk rock music delivered by these brilliant Austrian punk rockers.

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