Tracker – Rule Of Three DLP (Noise Appeal Records)


I am running late with this review, considering this material has been released three years ago, but better late than never. For those who might don’t know, Tracker is a high gain driven trio originating from Innsbrook, Austria, and Rule Of Three is their most advanced recording that has been released on Noise Appeal Records in 2017. Previously, Tracker shaped their sound through a dozen of exceptional recordings such as How I Became An Alien, Man Made Sound, Calibration, and Improving Madness. With that being said, let’s jump straight to Rule Of Three. The record has been classified into four partitions of a double vinyl album accompanied by marvelous cover artwork. The visual identity involves a luminous star positioned in a very center of the imagery, while the science fiction buildings and desert landscape are decorating the background. The gatefold reveals a giant photomanipulation, including band members staring at the aforementioned star somewhere inside the industrial facility. Printed black sleeves include a lyric sheet and all the necessary pieces of information about the Rule Of Three, and the band itself. With Rule Of Three, Tracker delves deep into essential fundamentals of a refined stoner rock sound. However, the complete trio provides various experimentations with other similar genres such as grunge, noise rock, post-rock, shoegaze, and alternative. The group strengthens up uniformed Southern rock feel through the evolving process that gradually shapes up the compact sound of the band. Southern rock retains as the base of the sound, while the main accent goes to the aforementioned accentuations produced by exceptional musicianship of each bandmember. Besides giant slabs of fuzzy distortion presented through heavy riffages, guitars also provide various noise rock experimentations, shoegaze drone sequences, echoic ambiance, and notable clean sounding harmonizations. Complete guitar orchestrations have been thoughtfully combined, so each resemblance with involved genre crossovers passes almost unnoticed. Guitar works are undoubtfully the main signature of the Tracker, but of course, there’s always more than meets the eye. Incredible basslines are almost as quintessential as the complete guitar segments, and intensifying precision of these low-end scales goes beyond comprehension. Both instruments are equally polarized in the mix, and their unmatchable dualities are liberating wondrous harmonizations during the complete album. The insanely pleasing drumming performance saturates both instruments with loads of surprisingly good free improvisations. The drummer also floats in more moderate rhythmical waters but retains enough power on each composition with constant cymbal splashing. Tracker operates as a singular mechanism when it comes to sonic brilliance, and their outstanding musicianship is certainly hearable through eleven thoughtfully arranged numbers. Rule Of Three is an intelligent stoner rock amalgam empowered with delicate, well-defined, and wonderfully executed accentuations that unquestionably highlight the foundations of Tracker’s sound. Head over to Noise Appeal Records website for further information on how to order this wondrous album.

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