The Shorts – Tango EP (Thousand Islands Records)


The Shorts is a promising melodic punk rock trio hailing from Ballarat, Australia. Tango is their latest highly anticipated recording, and the news about this mini-album has circulated across the web for a while. The group has released an impressive amount of records since their formation, such as a The Shorts EP in 2014, Rino in 2015, Golf Riot in 2017, Chickenshit in the same year, Live At Learning Man in 2018 and the Bunker Monkey in the same year. Judging by the amount of the recordings, The Shorts are a prolific trio circulating the mini-album format, since all their records are comprised of seven to nine songs. However, all these recordings contain certain qualities that catapult The Shorts at the very top of the Aussie underground skate punk scene. The same goes for Tango, their most advanced material, which has been announced a couple of months ago with an ear-appealing single named The Drugs. The band commences with some backbeat rhythms of Sherlock, promising pop-punk overture highlighted by technically demanding guitar works. This number serves as a perfect overture for what’s about to come next. The Shorts are moving forward with Shady Ladies, rock’n’roll driven mid-tempo composition with a notable eighties skate punk vibe. The song has been supplemented by a powerful strenuous chorus, which has been improved by condescending singalongs. The band proceeds with the aforementioned single named The Drugs, megalithic punk rock monster that resembles a mixture of Dead Kennedys, MDC, and later Bad Religion recordings. This particular number involves giant portions of melodic hardcore punk dynamics that are urging you to repeatedly headbang to the beat. K Man Strikes Again provides another classic approach to melodic punk rock with loads of interesting chord progressions and harmonizations, but this particular composition also carries marvelous chants that are guiding listeners throughout the entire song. The Shorts has decided to slow down a little bit with Walls, enormously addictive pop-punk track driven with gracious servings of astonishing musicianship. This track includes a building rock’n’roll intro that guides to the expansive world of the excellent melodic orchestrations. Walls have been empowered with a short, but catchy guitar solo that comes like a refreshment after all these incredible musical maneuvers. The group indicates a closure with Gerard Never Made To Brim, a marvelous composition that levitates somewhere between acoustic folk-punk, and classic melodic punk rock. This number carries aesthetics of folk music, but it eventually evolves to a more complex entity as the composition reaches the inevitable end. The Shorts have decided to finish this magnificent album with Tango, a vigorous skate punk song stacked with highly energetic guitar shreddings, and impressive drumming performances. Crispy cymbal sounds empower the riffages, while the singalongs are providing more beautiful chants to the table. This particular track includes all the vital elements of the band and showcases the proper demonstration of their full musical potential. To summarize, Tango is an outstanding mini-album that bears mindblowing sonic movements, incredible musicianship, and excellent ideas. Tango has been released on a compact disc by Thousand Islands Records, so make sure to grab this mini-album, and enhance your record collection with some outstanding punk rock music.

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