Kevlar Bikini – OUT-OPTism LP (Geenger Records)


OUT-OPTism is the fourth full-length album by Kevlar Bikini. These Croatian heavyweights have been active since 2010, and have published some quality records, but this is actually their second record as a trio. However, that doesn’t stop them to produce a wide array of technically demanding compositions. Quite the contrary, Kevlar Bikini gets even better with each new record, and OUT-OPTism is living proof of my conclusion. To serve as a reminder, the group has previously published some notable recordings such as Explodisiac, HI-FI Or Die and Rants, Riffage And Rousing Rhythms. All these recordings have been critically acclaimed, and the band assured us for a dozen times about their compulsively professional approach to the underground music. OUT-OPTism delivers severe self-discipline and abstention from all forms of socialization with contemporary social norms. The group rejects modern moral values, trending practices usually preached by mass media, and seeks preservation of common sense in an era of media spinning, mass manipulation, and control on a worldwide scale. Kevlar Bikini put themselves in isolation long before it was a common trend. The band points out the orchestrated obstacles presented to a modern man as simplified tools of the trade to explain how these so-called advantages of modernization act harmful to ourselves as individuals. These explanations have been followed up by slightly chaotic guitar shreddings, which are going far beyond recycled simplistic noise rock riffages. Kevlar Bikini took their music seriously, so these fundamentals of thoughtfully arranged noise-rock guitar segments have been saturated by emphasized elements of sludge metal and hardcore punk sound. Progressive harmonizations have been empowered by some gigantic low-end instrumentations, and these marvelously performed basslines are mainly responsible for the massive tone of Kevlar Bikini. Incredible drumming performance holds everything together in one place. Full specter of precise drumming sequences are raging with chaotic, but ultimately controlled rhythms and fills. Vocals range from threatful screaming technics to a more compact emotive clean chanting. These vocal technics are providing another layer of meaningful expressions that are definitely depicting the bright imagery of the lyric aesthetics of the group. Kevlar Bikini has managed to incorporate noise rock, sludge metal, and hardcore punk into a compact sonic product that rages with each tone. The dirtiness, compactness, precision, and ultimate power of OUT-OPTism provides a vivid evolution of the band. This recording showcases the bright future for this unique Croatian noise rock/hardcore punk trio, and you can see it for yourself if you pre-order your copy of the album at the Geenger Records website. The record comes in two color variants, such as turquoise/magenta splatter and transparent clear. Besides brilliant music, you also receive a visual treat, so don’t miss the chance to possess this gem.




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