Bob Malmström / Tvärnitad – Split 7” (Elitbolaget Records)


Split release between Bob Malmström / Tvärnitad is the second edition of the split 7” series that celebrates the tenth anniversary of Bob Malmström as a band. Bob Malmström really needs no introduction. Whoever followed our reviews for quite some time had a chance to read a couple of lines about their Länge Leve Bob Malmström cassette EP and the first edition of these 7” series where they shared a plastic with The Enchained. Their finest blend of Finnish / Swedish hardcore punk that has been immersed with the catchiness of thrash metal music is simply charming. This distinctive group doesn’t lack creativity when it comes to composing and recording music, so they’ve decided to unleash a much more melodic side. They’ve presented two interesting compositions entirely pervaded with magnificent melodic guitar parts while the rest of the band maintains tight throughout the entire material. The first number includes the powerful vocals of Anni Lötjönen of Huora. Her vocal abilities are providing even more ferociousness to Bob Malmström’s music, and the band entirely supports her with an aggressive approach to hardcore punk aesthetics. Större än gud is coming up next, and this particular track delivers such a hymnic note mainly because of notable melodies that are undoubtfully enhancing this distinctive number. The group once again provides memorable moments throughout the entire composition, but somehow the focus remains on the refrains that are certainly sounding massive. Tvärnitad is filling the other side of the vinyl. Right of the bat, the band demonstrates the finest blend of hardcore punk that possesses elements of hip hop and almost crusty d-beat feel that’s mostly hearable through perfectly executed drumming segments. Their music is so dynamic, so besides elements of hip hop, crust, and d-beat you may encounter various elements of metal music. Still, their music remains deeply rooted in hardcore punk with enough room for plentiful of musical improvisations packed in short compositions that last less than two minutes each. One thing is for sure, Tvärnitad is comprised of skillful musicians who possess all the tools of the trade to compose precisely executed concise crossover tunes fully stacked with all the vital elements of underground music. Like a previous edition, this 7” has been published by Elitbolaget, who once again proved they’re signing only top quality bands. To be honest, all the bands in their catalog are maintaining nothing but quality, so I would definitely recommend you to order the entire split series. This release can be bought separately or housed in a wooden box that will be shipped after the release of the third edition of this wondrous split series.

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