Alkaline Trio – EP (Epitaph Records)


Alkaline Trio supposed to tour with Bad Religion this month, but the tour was postponed due to obvious circumstances considering the health crisis. However, this longstanding trio has indulged their fans with a brand extended play that offers three beautiful compositions. To be honest, music can help us out cope with the worst situations in life, and this is exactly what this material does in these darkest days of our lives. It provides a glimmer of hope that everything’s gonna be ok, so I guess that Alkaline Trio nailed with an intention. The band goes down familiar stream with an opening Minds Like Mindfields. Instead of keeping the entire composition in a mid-tempo range, Alkaline Trio presents a much vigorous side by introducing faster rhythms in this remarkable number. Lyrics reveal emotional rollercoaster, characteristic for Skiba’s writing, so the lyrics are top-notch as usual. Radio Violence is coming up next, and this composition possesses loads of The Clash vibes. Memorable choruses provide even more spectacular virtuosities, mainly presented by a distinctive performance on guitar. This particular song speaks about communication breakdowns, about lying to ourselves and shutting out our dearest ones when we need them most. Calmy acoustic tones are closing this magnificent EP. Smokestack presents classic chord progression drenched with emotional lyrics, which have been a signature move of Alkaline Trio for decades. This spectacular acoustic number provides a calm after the storm, a sonic sanctuary to those who are struck by emotional dilemmas in their lives, and I couldn’t think of a better closure then this. These compositions are more than good evidence that Alkaline Trio never fails to amaze. To be more precise, they’re getting even better with time like a fine wine. This recording has been accompanied by a simplistic artwork composed of a slightly blurred photography of a front porch. This EP is going to be released as 7″ record by Epitaph Records. Until then, you can solely enjoy these fine tunes at all streaming services across the web.

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