Dislocation – Perspective EP


Dislocation is a thrashing skate punk from Milwaukee that’s been pretty much active in the past couple of years. Actually, the band has been prolific since its formation in 2016, with Demo and Youth Control EP being published in a row. Perspectives is their brand new EP recording comprised of six highly energetic compositions, saturated with large quantities of various underground genres that have been quite popular during the eighties and nineties. Dislocation goes all the way through fundamentals of eighties skate punk but also incorporates elements of old school thrash metal, hardcore punk, and classic punk rock. The first notable thing about Dislocation is the fact these experienced musicians are not kidding at all. The entire band is comprised of individuals who possess certain qualities, fully aware of their abilities, and they’re now hesitant to showcase exceptional musicianship through a wide array of various virtuosities. The bass player entirely explores his instrument through a large variety of thoughtfully implemented basslines, while both guitar players are demonstrating an ultimate sonic power through energetic thrashy shreddings, which have been pervaded with tight skate punk melodies. Incredible drumming performance utterly supports various virtuosities of the band and explores the vast universe of drumming technics by enhancing the brilliant musicianship of the entire group. Leading vocals are bringing back the spirit of the eighties music on the table. Vocals are completely matched to the thrashy skate punk dynamics and shrewdly implemented arrangements. If you’re looking for comparations between their music and some more renowned heavyweights within a genre, you’ll notice a strong presence of DRI, Suicidal Tendencies, Consumed, Slayer, Circle Jerks, Black Flag or perhaps NOFX. Perspectives EP has been published on compact disc by the band in the true spirit of DIY, and it’s directly available throughout their Bandcamp page. Give them a listen and support their work by purchasing their compact disc.

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