Crouch – Ocean Of Lost Memories EP


Crouch is no stranger to our blog. We have covered their previous recording called Caida on our pages less than two years ago. This interesting Costarican skate-punk trio submits a brand new EP comprised of two great compositions that are fulfilling the gap between their more comprehensive recordings. According to their Bandcamp page, Ocean Of Lost Memories acts as a prelude to debut full-length that is currently in the works. These compositions have been composed three years ago, but Crouch has recorded them solely for promotional purposes. That doesn’t mean that this EP lacks any quality. Both songs are offering more than enough variations that will force you to spin these tunes again and again. Pieces Of Glass demonstrates enormous servings of various skate punk technicalities mainly showcased through the entire specter of catchy melodies. These powerful guitar shreddings have been pervaded by notable basslines, which pair to those melodies with outstanding warm sounds. The drumming progressions are truly representing a vigorous style of nineties skatepunk music, and this particular composition vividly represents this particular period. Embrace Yourself is coming up next, and the group follows the exact formula consisted of great sonic wonderments. The song starts with a short arpeggiated intro, but the band proceeds to a very dynamic section while these skillful musicians showcase what they’re truly made of. Fast-paced shreddings are leading to a more moderate, but energetic chorus enhanced by a beautifully arranged singalongs, so Crouch is retaining catchiness throughout the entire composition. Both songs possess certain qualities, good arrangements, amazing melodies, powerful dynamics that will certainly hold your attention. Ocean Of Lost Memories has been accompanied by meaningful imagery, and their recognizable puppy character is once again a centerpiece of an artwork. This EP is available for streaming at Crouch’s Bandcamp page, so I highly advise to pay them a visit and check out this wondrous tunes.

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