Bob Malmström & The Enchained – Split 7” (Elitbolaget Records)


Today, we are covering an interesting split 7” record between Bob Malmström and The Enchained, both signed to Elitbolaget Records. This recording is the first edition in a row of a split seven-inch series where Bob Malmström takes their label mates and celebrates the tenth anniversary of the band with a new record. It’s such a nice occasion and a brilliant idea to mark a decade of their musical endeavors. Both bands met each other at the show in Norrköping, Sweden during the Bob Malmström tour. They’ve instantly clicked, so The Enchained was a logical pick for these split series. Bob Malmström is the first on the bill, and their recognizable combination of Finnish/Swedish hardcore punk pervaded with loads of catchy metal riffs once again demonstrates why these guys had over 250 performances all over the world. Right of the bat, their songs showcase powerful machinery comprised of experienced musicians who possess all the tools of the trade to compose and execute ferocious hardcore punk tunes with such ease. Besides standard experimentations with powerful hardcore punk shreddings, Bob Malmström includes loads of various metal technicalities but also provides hip hop elements on a second composition, which have been graciously penetrated with fast-paced anthemic refrains. The Enchained are coming up next with such an energizing deliverance of ultra-melodic nineties skate punk music, cleverly saturated with enormous portions of superbly dueling guitars. Their sense of sheer dynamics, catchy melodies, and thoughtful arrangements are simply outstanding, so you’ll be blown away by this band if you’re a fan of highly energetic punk rock harmonizations. The band has instantly reminded me of bands such as Pennywise, 98 Mute, Model American, Good Riddance or perhaps older works of Rise Against, but The Enchained are utilizing these bands mainly as an essential source of inspiration, while they’re entirely exploring this distinctive genre on their own terms. I am pleasantly surprised by this 7” record that certainly acts as a perfect overture to the entire series of extended plays. There’s no doubt that these series have been loaded with brilliant bands that occupy Elitbolaget roster nowadays. Keep in mind that these seven-inches are periodically coming as separate pieces, but you can also grab an entire collection housed in a beautiful wooden box that will be available sometime in the nearest future in celebration of the tenth anniversary of Bob Malmström. Don’t miss the chance to treat yourself with some great music, so pay Elitbolaget a visit and purchase this brilliant split for yourself or your loved ones.

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