Press Club – Wasted Energy LP (Hassle Records)


Wasted Energy is a second album by Melbourne’s Press Club that has been published by Hassle Records last year. This record is such a great continuation of their debut Late Teens which has also been published for Hassle Records in 2018. The band nurtures such an interesting sound by encapsulating fundamentals of melodic punk rock, indie, and garage rock. You may find a little bit of dream-pop music as well, mainly presented through astonishing guitar segments that have been pervaded with generous portions of the delay effect. Press Club embraces all these elements equally and presents its abrasive version of melancholic punk rock. Wasted Energy carries twelve astonishing numbers full of thoughtful arrangements, brilliant ideas, and a hatful of memorable moments that will certainly enlighten your listening apparatus. The band entirely relies on powerful chord progressions, various chromatic maneuvers, and other decorations while the slightly distorted basslines and technically precise drumming are giving a lot of power to all these shredding virtuosities. All these elements have been supported by wondrous female vocals that are settling the entire band on a whole new level. Her vocal techniques are so striking and powerful, each composition has been sung with a lot of emotions, vitality, certitude and it simply enhances the greatness of the group. The band also encourages continuous changes in the tempo, ranging from very notable sequences to those almost unnotable ones which are cleverly implemented with the purpose to highlight certain segments of the songs with some entertainful dynamics. Press Club undoubtfully thought about every aspect of their album, so you’ll be pleasantly surprised with all the brilliant ideas and musicianship involved in Wasted Energy. The album has been published by Hassle Records in the UK on standard black vinyl, compact disc, but it also comes in various bundles which you may find on Press Club’s Bandcamp page.

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