Deafness By Noise – Roots Baby Roots LP (PDV Records)


Deafness By Noise came a long way from a regional band to a touring machine acknowledged by a worldwide hardcore punk scene. The band has commenced in 1991, so it’s been 29 years since their development and the band seems better than ever. They’ve recorded dozen of albums, toured with a pack of legendary bands such as Suicidal Tendencies, Biohazard, Sick Of It All, Madball, DRI, Slapshot, H2O, Wisdom in Chains, Raw Side, just to name a few, and it seems they’re only heating up for the future. Roots Baby Roots is their recent tribute album where they managed to pay respects to the bands they’ve toured with, grew up listening to or made a huge impact on the band throughout their career. The band made a comprehensive collection, carefully combined into a great amalgam of punk rock, hardcore punk, and metal bands. The album springs with a UK82 classic named I Am Hunted, a legendary track by GBH. It’s a magnificent warm-up composition that leads us to the ferocious World Peace by NYHC mongers Cro-Mags. Both numbers have been performed till perfection, the band has added a personal touch to both compositions. Coming up next is Destroyer by Toxic Reasons, another legendary hardcore punk band hailing from Dayton, Ohio. It’s another fast-paced track that has been pervaded with a beatdown outro. Deafness By Noise has determined to re-arrange another classic punk rock tune by Fear, so I Love Living In The City earned a well deserved hardcore treatment that would make Lee Ving proud for sure. The Prisoner by DOA is the fifth number on this outstanding tribute album and once again the band has properly covered a classic tune with enhanced arrangements and better production, so this piece sounds even better than the original. Same goes for Born To Suffer by Ratos De Porao, the track simply appears better and it seems that Krmpa’s vocals accommodate better over these distorted melodies. What would a tribute album be without some Italian hardcore punk bands, right? Deafness By Noise has also covered Raw Power, a composition by the band with exactly the same name. If you’re deeply into the genre, you probably heard for these legendary Italians and you’ll instantly recognize the riffs. DBS proceeds with another classic, so this time they’ve decided to cover one of the longevous punk rock bands that ever walked the Earth. The cover of Stranglehold by UK Subs transcends the same amount of energy Charlie Harper would express live on stage. Sailin’ On by Bad Brains indicates closure of the A-side, the song has been speeded up and it’s an excellent outro of this segment of the record. B-side commences with 7 Seconds, Reno’s most exceptional old school hardcore punk band. DBS has covered a highly energetic tune called Here’s Your Warning. The band also thought about the skate punk fans, so they’ve covered Broken Toy and This Is The End by a legendary SNFU. These particular tracks have been speeded up by double and they sound so amazing with all these enhancements. Deafness By Noise has also added a couple of demo songs as an addition to this tribute LP, so No Rules by GG Allin, Empty Tankard by Tankard, alternate takes of Stranglehold by UK Subs and The Prisoner by UK Subs, Dance Hard Or Die by Warzone and I Remember by MDC are also part of the bill. These alternate takes also sound amazing, all the songs were astonishingly covered but for some reason, they’ve been added just as a bonus to the already superb record. Deafness By Noise has done an amazing job on this one and you’ll undoubtfully enjoy these fine additions. The material has been recorded at Stage One Studio in Germany, so the entire album sounds superb from the scratch. Roots Baby Roots has been published by PDV Records, and it’s available on standard black or transparent blue vinyl, compact disc or as a digital album at all streaming services.

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