Charity – Nickname EP


Charity is a rare gem on today’s emo scene and I’ve explored some pieces of information about this band, but somehow these guys are avoiding involvements with social networks. Perhaps the band members have determined to remain silent until they publish some fitting recordings, so they can unleash their full potential throughout a full-length release. One thing is for sure, Charity is a pack of very productive musicians and this band has a lot of potentials to get big outside underground emo circles. The band is coming out of New York City and Nickname is their debut EP recording comprised of five emotionally packed tunes that have been composed with a lot of sense. The band conveys both old and new elements of emocore music, blends them thoughtfully and combines them up over foundations of melodic hardcore punk music. A constant presence of bittersweet melancholy gives a lot of ambiances over post-hardcore music, the band unleashes emotions through meaningful subtly distorted vocals, so guitar shreddings serve as a gateway to a steady rhythm section constituted of massive basslines and drumming dynamics. It’s more than obvious Charity are no strangers to emocore scene, their music bursts enormous dosages of wondrously implemented ideas that have been packed with great musicianship and thoughtful arrangements. Expect nothing, but a pleasant voyage through the vast space of modern emocore music which has been presented throughout numbers such as Don’t Wait Out, To The Contrary, Monopoly Emotion, Hit The Breeze, and Cracks. Charity also thought about the graphics for their glittering debut EP, and to be fair, it’s far away from what could be expected of the band within an emo scene. The band practiced primitive technics to arrange a simplistic, but meaningful artwork that has been arranged in software such as Paint or Microsoft Word. It’s so unusual, but a very effective way in order to gain more attention pf the wider audiences. Nickname EP has been published by the band itself at their Bandcamp page and it’s available as a digital download for 7$. Personally, I think it’s totally worth your time and money, mainly because of the enormous potential of the entire band.

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