Scarecrow – Revenge EP (Bunker Punks Discs & Tapes)


North Carolina’s finest d-beaters are coming back with another blistering record simplistically named Revenge. This time these Raleigh punks gathered eight bone-crushing compositions full of fast-paced drumming, crunchy basslines, and clamorous shreddings. For those who are not familiar with Scarecrow’s sound, the band nurtures a very disruptive approach to d-beat music that has been saturated with a lot of Swedish crust and hardcore punk music. Their approach to d-beat music is not so chaotic, but it’s unquestionably ferocious, distorted and extremely fast towards the greater portion of the worldwide d-beat scene. Unlike the rest of the contemporary worldwide d-beat scene, Scarecrow somehow escapes repetitive riffs, so Revenge maintains fresh sound throughout the entire recording. Still, Scarecrow retains ferociousness, dirtiness, and agility, from beginning to the very end of this EP. The uncompromising anger of the entire band showcases astonishing musicianship and interesting arrangements that will certainly hold your attention during the listening. Their sound instantly reminded me of the greats such as Anti-Cimex, Totalitar, Heratys, Discharge, Doom, but still, the band pulls glorious tricks up from their sleeves. Their powerful music is unpredictable, catchy and delivers more than meets the eye in the first place, so you’ll definitely be blown away by the creativeness and power of the Scarecrow. On the other hand, the artwork is predictable, but not necessarily bad. The band sticks to the classic d-beat imagery, so if you’re into this type of music for a very long time like myself, you’ll definitely know what to expect when you grab this record from the record shelves. The newbies to the genre will definitely be astounded by the meaningful aspect of the cover art, the old photo of a WWII ruins and the human nerve chart graffiti on the right can be quite effective, so I guess this is a win-win situation for both old and new fans of the d-beat scene. Revenge has been published by the Bunker Punks Discs And Tapes, so you can grab your copy on black vinyl or CD, depending on the format you prefer. The recordings are also digitally available at the label’s Bandcamp page for 5$, so go ahead and treat yourself with some amazing d-beat music.

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