Born To Freedom – Time To Change


The weekend has begun, so I habitually spend my day-offs by checking out new records and something I could eventually enjoy it. I was looking out for some remarkable ultrafast supermelodic punk rock bands across the web, and somehow I managed to stumble upon Born To Freedom, a very interesting skate punk quintet originating from Natal, Brazil. The band was established back in 2011. and so far their discography counts Demo EP that has been recorded in 2012; an amazing debut called Life Is Movement which has been recorded in 2016; a nine-way split compilation alongside Palunsunsystem, Slon, Donde Todo Termina, Talacactus, Mofa, Bear Fight, Ruinas, and Ordinals which has been published in 2017, so Time To Change is their latest recording that has been crowdfunded by their loyal fans and supporters. Right of the bat, the band is hitting hard with outbursts of various technically demanding melodies and fast rhythms, so it’s nearly impossible to listen to something like this and remain steady at one place. This type of music demands all styles of hardcore punk dancing, all the moves are more than welcome, no holds barred. Born To Freedom are killing it throughout the entire album, their unrefined mixture of melodic skate punk, hardcore punk, bits and pieces of metal technicalities are going great with challenging drumming capabilities to perfectly execute almost impossible ultrafast rhythms. Magnificent chord progressions, powerful riffs, amazing octave fills, and divine guitar scales are simply nailing it all the way through while the warm sounding basslines are filling all the gaps with its massive low key tones. Various melodic structures and diverse rhythms are continuously switching places and fighting for dominance, the entire album is thoughtfully arranged to fit any particular mood you’re in, so you will not easily get bored by this album. Vocals are up to the task with all the possible musical maneuvres these skillful musicians are pulling up throughout their astonishing compositions, the abilities of the main vocalist are beyond comprehension at some moments and it seems he’s singing some challenging parts without a fuss. Time To Change is accompanied by the expressionist artwork of a raven covering the eyes of a colorful character. This particular kind of artwork easily fits the theme of the album and it’s such a rad addition to the overall impression. Time To Change is available directly at Born To Freedom’s Bandcamp page, so check out their page and support their astonishing album by any means necessary.

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