Subhumans – Crisis Point LP (Pirates Press Records)


Crisis Point is the latest album by the legendary Subhumans. Formed in the Warminster and Melksham area of Wiltshire in 1980, the band has published countless of full-lengths, extended plays, two compilation albums, and one live recording album. The Day The Country Died and From The Cradle To The Grave was entitled as one of the most influential anarcho-punk albums of all time, but also the rest of their impressive discography deserves recognition among punks who identify themselves with DIY punk rock scene. The band has disbanded and got back in 1991 and 1998, and it works in the same lineup since 1983. Luckily enough, they’ve managed to record another great album that covers some important issues such as war, religion, politics, corruption, the power of mass media…etc. Besides some standard themes that are pretty much a great portion of their previous records, Subhumans are delivering the importance of thinking for yourself to the table, as probably the most important thing you can eventually do for personal mental health in these turbulent times. Unlike any other band, Subhumans stayed relevant because of the magnificent writing abilities of Dick Lucas, so these themes still sound fresh, and perhaps more important than ever before. The lyrics are suitable for these modern times when the enemy has prepared new tactics to gather more sheeps to the herd, but perhaps the Crisis Point contains all the possible answers on how to prevent and cure the diseases called capitalism and manipulation. Music-wise, Subhumans are sticking to their already proven formula, but with a lot more improvements than before. Their music still possesses all the qualities of anarcho-punk and ferociousness of hardcore punk music, but with a little bit more rawness, speed and anger in the entire mix. Crisis Point is a thoughtfully arranged album that carries a lot of pleasant surprises, both lyrically and musically, so this is kinda expected of this prominent UK anarcho punks. The album is also polished with some great production that reminiscents the British punk sound from the 90s, and it truly suits to these compositions in any possible way. Crisis Point has been published by Pirates Press Records and it’s available on both vinyl and compact disc, but you can grab it on Bandcamp as well if you prefer consuming music digitally.

3 thoughts on “Subhumans – Crisis Point LP (Pirates Press Records)

  1. hi, thanks for the ace review!! just one factual wobble i should pin down, and that’s that the line-up has stayed the same since 1983…[oh and we weren’t split up between 98 and 04]- other than that, nice one!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, thank you so much for the corrections! Somehow, I missed all those informations. I will correct it in the morning.

      Djordje, Thoughts Words Action blog


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