Wolfbrigade – The Enemy: Reality LP (Southern Lord)


Legendary Swedish crusties are back with another exceptional record which embarks a new era for this prominent band. Originally established in Mariestad, but currently settled in Stockholm, Sweden, these renowned metallic punk rockers are rumbling around since 1995. when they were known as Wolfpack, but later on during numerous circumstances and a couple of line up changes, the band has changed the name into Wolfbrigade. The band has managed to publish dozen of splendid full-lengths such as New Dawn Fades, Lycanthro Punk, and Allday Hell as Wolfpack, plus Progression/Regression, In Darkness You Feel No Regrets, Prey To The World, Comalive, Damned, Run With The Hunted. Besides full-lengths, the band has also published a dozen of extended plays and has appeared on a couple of split 7” records alongside Skitsystem, Bombraid, and Audio Kollaps. The Enemy: Reality is their most advanced, seventh recording as Wolfbrigade and seemingly the most musically progressive album if we consider the involvement of multiple subgenres. Besides their classic raw and passionate approach to d-beat, crust punk, and hardcore punk, Wolfbrigade has also consolidated an even more elevated serving of Swedish melodic death metal, thrash metal, and rock’n’roll. The band handles to gather several subgenres of both punk rock and metal music under their Lychantro Punk moniker, resembling even more sinister, powerful, uncompromising crust punk audio attack, proving these wolves are still at the top of the game. The Enemy: Reality is a lecture of abrasive Swedish punk distributed in ten fast, melodic, aggressive compositions crammed with intensive, neverending, blistering riffs that are raging like the air raid sirens during wartime. Wolfbrigade somehow manages to coordinate between the dirtiness of highly distorted guitars and catchy melodies which are escaping all the cheesiness of the current musical trends. As usual, these riffages are supported by the brilliance of the highly energetic rhythm section which demolishes everything in the radius with all its power and ferocity. Lead vocals are still one of the main highlights of Wolfbrigade and Jocke’s singing abilities are perfectly matching to the greatness of the Wolfbrigade’s musical endeavors. If you ever doubted in the capabilities of these legendary crusties, The Enemy: Reality will definitely prove you wrong. The album has been published by Southern Lord and it’s available on vinyl and CD.

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