Green Frog Feet – Broken Bones, Burning Homes CD


It’s been more than two decades since Green Frog Feet has determined to establish a band. Their top-notch skills are sometimes exceeding reasoning and musicianship of these Bavarian punk rockers is ridiculously impressive on multiple levels, and that’s particularly one of the loads of good reasons why you should grasp their most advanced album termed Broken Bones, Burning Homes. Their newest recordings are delivering comfortably articulating skate punk anthems for a new millennium, with numerous dosages of hardcore punk and pop-punk that has been consolidated somewhere along the way with clear aim to additionally spice things up. Tom’s marvelous vocal capabilities are the primary notable element that retains GFF’s music so enjoyable throughout the entire album, all the compositions have been sung with a dose of professionalism, a lot of perfection, huge portion of various skills and even more common sense. Tuneful guitar melodies are stirred up with profoundly energetic riffs, each composition has its own highlights which places them up in the spotlight until the forthcoming tune plunges in and perceives the exact same role. The basslines are functioning as a foundation for certain riffages and the wondrous drumming is displaying a lot of dynamics alongside those basslines. It appears like the entire album is constructed of brilliant compositions full of wonderments and somehow, each composition outshines the previous one. If the greatest hits album composed of recently recorded songs category ever existed, Broken Bones, Burning Homes by Green Frog Feet would be an excellent instance of how the band reckons to sound impressive, entertaining and breathtaking during the entire recording. The album is accompanied by the visually appealing illustration consisting of a monstrous hand that has a giant crater in the middle with all the bones sticking outside. It goes great with the presented compositions and the CD looks impressive altogether with entire packaging. Broken Bones, Burning Homes is available directly from a band, so make sure to preserve one copy for yourself or for your loved ones if you’re deep into some perfectly executed melodic punk rock music.

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