The Restarts – Uprising LP (Pirates Press Records)


The Restarts has become a punk rock institution and whoever listened to these political punk rockers is presumably assured that nothing occurs without a reason. The band was established in Hackney, London’s East End, with a definite purpose to bring back social awareness on a DIY punk rock scene and since then, The Restarts has constantly rehearsed, recorded, performed, and toured the world on multiple occasions. So far, the band has toured Europe and the USA, but these intelligent punk rockers are not intending to call it quits soon and their brand new record called Uprising it a conclusive proof about it. Once again, the band thought about every single feature, from politically charged lyrics that call out individuals and groups for awareness on the global DIY punk scene and political activism on so many levels, to brilliant music that rages from every conceivable corner. Uprising delivers twelve raging tunes loaded with enormous portions of rawness, aggressiveness, speed, and ferociousness. As usual, the music is thoughtfully composed, rhythms are highly energetic, great basslines support the dynamics of the band, while the guitars are firing ridiculously huge amounts of brilliant riffs. The Restarts are still relying on some basic elements of UK82, crust punk, hardcore punk, but they also incorporated some classic British punk rock and ska music, so the band still maintains to sound creative and interesting despite being present on the scene for over two decades. Dual vocals are conducting even more rage over the magnificent riffs and the band also thought about some singalongs on most of the compositions, so they’re such nice additions to the overall listening experience. The lyrics are directly pointed political critiques towards gentrification, homophobia, xenophobia, drug addiction, mental health, Brexit, and all these important topics are so well covered with such an intelligent approach of these prolific punk rockers. This album calls out for rebellion, it’s one giant political punk anthem comprised of twelve powerful punk rock songs which will leave you speechless after the listening. The Uprising has been published by Pirates Press Records and it’s available on vinyl, compact disc and as a digital download through all streaming services.

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