Tsunami Bomb – The Spine That Binds LP (Alternative Tentacles)


According to some rumors circling in DIY punk rock circles, this album is reasonably the most awaited record of the year. Tsunami Bomb was formed in Petaluma, California by Dominic Davi back in 1998. and has recorded two full-lengths, five extended plays, countless singles, and has appeared on impressive quantities of compilations until their disbanding in 2005. Then the band determined to start all over again in 2015. with the enhanced lineup, so the band has published Trust No One, a compilation album as an announcement for their comeback on the punk rock scene. The Spine That Binds it their long-awaited third full-length album which embarks a new augmented lineup and a new era for this eminent punk rock band. Right with the first riffs and beats of this record, Tsunami Bomb showcases their musicianship through dominant horror punk sounding keyboards, highly energetic guitar melodies, punching basslines that resonates somewhere in between while the drummer nails the drums with a lot of style, precision, and common sense. Tsunami Bomb maintains their recognizable playing style, but with even more hooks, catchiness, wonderful choruses filled with dual female vocals, magnificent verses full of singalongs and almost eerie parts where spooky keyboards sound are even more dominant. The keyboards are also their key ingredient that keeps the essence and sustains the foundation of the band, but the rest of the Tsunami Bomb are also fulfilling their recognizable sound with a highly professional approach to punk rock music. Besides conventional explorations through the vast space of classic melodic punk rock and pop-punk, Tsunami Bomb also includes a lot of horror punk elements in their music, so The Spine That Binds appeals even more interesting, entertaining, and pleasant to the ears. The waiting has paid off and compositions such as opening Tidal, or ultra-melodic hardcore punk banger Naysayers, classic horror punk tune called The Hathors, highly energetic Sinking Hole, or an ode to their hometime Petaluma are giving such a great examination of The Spine That Binds while spooky Dead Man Can’t Catcall, catchy synthpop-a-like Phosphene, incredibly good pop-punk song called the Last Call, and anthemic Lullaby For The End Of The World are keeping the attention. Post-punk keyboard on Wake The Dead is indicating the closure of this magnificent album when all of a sudden The Spine That Binds comes in, a perfect closing composition that comes like a punch in the chin just in time when you need it the most. Tsunami Bomb made it once again, they’ve recorded a perfect comeback album that will catch the attention of the wider audience both visually and musically. The Spine That binds has been published by Alternative Tentacles and its available on vinyl, compact disc or through all streaming services.

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