Drip Of Lies – Hell CD


Poland has been home for good underground music for decades and a brand new compact disc called Hell by Warsaw crusties Drip Of Lies is more than a solid proof of how the Polish underground music scene still manages to produce good music nowadays. These guys are no strangers to the underground audience, and Hell is a proper continuation of their previous full-length Failure, which has been published on vinyl back in 2012. This time, Drip Of Lies goes even further towards the darker sound, much more inspired by black metal music than ever before, but still, the essence of the sound lays deeply into crust punk music. Besides deeper explorations to the vast universe of blackened crust, the band manages to incorporate a lot of doom metal, d-beat and hardcore punk elements in their music, so the album sounds entertaining and interesting in its entirety. The progress of these talented musicians resulted in eight progressive compositions that reach beyond crust punk standards which we all get adapted to, Hell is an immersive relationship between the ferocious segments of aggressive underground genres and beautifully vicious dark melodies which became a signature moves of these skillful crusties. Years of practicing, performing and touring have paid off for these brilliant musicians and their impressive musicianship is hearable on each note, every beat they perform on this album. This is not just another crust punk record you stumble upon at some distro crate at your local punk show, it’s a mindblowing statement that will sweep head off your shoulder as soon as you put the album in your CD player. This hellish album comes with the impressive cover artwork of a character covering his face with both hands in despair while the gallows are surrounding him. It’s such a perfect addition to the overall impression about this magnificent crust punk record and it would be such a shame if you somehow miss it.

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