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  • Drip Of Lies – Hell CD

    Drip Of Lies – Hell CD

    Poland has been home for good underground music for decades and a brand new compact disc called Hell by Warsaw crusties Drip Of Lies is more than a solid proof of how the Polish underground music scene still manages to produce good music nowadays. These guys are no strangers to the underground audience, and Hell…

  • M:40 – Arvsynd LP (Halvfabrikat Records)

    M:40 – Arvsynd LP (Halvfabrikat Records)

    Perhaps M:40 haven’t adjusted their weapons, but they’ve unquestionably sharpened their knives with time. The Arvsynd LP can be adequately defined as an extension of their previous recordings, but with an even more robust manifestation of darkness, aggression, melodies, and power. These Swedish punk rockers are being recognized for their d-beat sound, generous servings of…