M:40 – Arvsynd LP (Halvfabrikat Records)


Perhaps M:40 haven’t adjusted their weapons, but they’ve unquestionably sharpened their knives with time. The Arvsynd LP can be adequately defined as an extension of their previous recordings, but with an even more robust manifestation of darkness, aggression, melodies, and power. These Swedish punk rockers are being recognized for their d-beat sound, generous servings of Swedish crust punk and eerie darkness of almost depressive melancholic harmonies. This recording possesses all of these components but with more comprehensive involvement of black metal music which undoubtfully altered their musical inclination. M:40 has recorded twelve startling crust punk compositions that advanced beyond several aforementioned genres with all its varieties showcased through brilliant ideas and arrangements. Besides remaining acknowledged for high dosages of maniacal speed, this time M:40 has determined to reduce tempos on some arrangements for a little bit, so these compositions outburst all the evilness and eerieness of the characteristic Swedish crust punk in a brand new, kinda more gradual form. It seems that the rest of the hearable instruments assimilate to these slower adaptations, so the melodies displayed on guitars are firing from each expedient direction while the distorted basslines are filling the ambiance with some sinister noises. Speaking of vocals, the band is applying their already established methods comprised of several very diverse vocals which are sounding like a charm altogether while singalongs are delivering some enormous portions of massiveness to the overall listening experience. The band is delivering depressive post-apocalyptic imagery of both local and global political display, collective responsibility for ruining the global ecosystem, a massive uprising of the fascist movement, the rapid evolvement of the imbecility of mankind, plus many more themes to even mention in this review. The band still follows a tradition by strictly writing lyrics on a native Swedish language and to be fair, I can’t currently think of an active Swedish band who delivers these important messages better than M:40. Arsvynd LP showcases the worldwide apocalypse we’re collectively heading to without any possible solutions on how to prevail some mattering issues which deteriorate mankind for decades. This brilliant album is accompanied by a very effective cover artwork composed of some photo manipulations flooded with dozen of various textures. The album is currently obtainable on vinyl and CD, so head over to Halvfabrikat records and indulge your ears with this Swedish crust masterpiece.


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