Antillectual – Fever (Single)


Climate change has shifted to such an important topic in the last couple of years, but to be fair, climate change has been a subject of the matter since the industrialization of humankind. Ignorance of humanity took this problem alike countless of others, with ease, but circumstances are far from good. With corporate mass medias being paid to disprove all the allegations about climate change, the public has been manipulated to conceive otherwise and disregard the problem, while the multinational corporations are financing these fake news in order to utilize natural resources even more. Thankfully, bands like Antillectual are taking the stand against climate change and their latest single called Fever provides some intelligent lyrics about the planet Earth resolving the problems in its own way. What if a climate change actually is not an obstacle at all, but the Earth’s very own defending mechanism that will ultimately reset the ecosystem and restore peaceful harmony to all the habitants who are not willing to exploit its natural resources for some profit? With Fever, Antillectual are hovering this important subject for all the questioning consumers of their astonishing music, who are willing to make a difference in any possible way and somehow prevent the planet from an impending catastrophe. No matter if you pick veganism as an option, eco-activism, support fundraisers with donations or simply share stories on social media, you’re keeping this ecological struggle alive and endurable until we win the campaign for a much healthier ecosystem. Musicwise, the band appears even more melodic and productive than ever before. Their understanding of melancholic melodies comprised of powerful chord progressions is divine and beyond comprehension during the entire composition. The dynamics are sustainable and sound perfect because of impressive drumming and the basslines are giving all the support somewhere in between with all the massiveness. The vocals are providing an even greater dose of omnipresent melodies to the entire composition, and it seems that Willem’s vocals are furnishing even more importance to the conferred issues about climate change. Antillectual gave their best to promote this single on all possible streaming services, and they’ve also made a meaningful video that is accessible at their Youtube channel, so visit your streaming service of preference, enjoy in their brand new single and do not forget to support the struggle against the climate change by any means necessary.

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