Caged – Burning Rage Of A Dying Planet EP


Burning Rage Of A Dying Planet is a powerful debut EP by Caged, a vegan straight edge metalcore band that’s originating from Bologna, Italy. Italians were always a good example of exceptional music being consolidated with persuasive and thoughtful lyrics, so Caged is not an excuse either. Burning Rage Of A Dying Planet conveys a persuasive message regarding a neverending struggle against the capitalist system, extensive abnormal exploitation of the natural resources and ravaging the worldwide ecosystem, conventional straight edge themes about living a poison-free lifestyle, but also some decent dedications to Sante Geronimo Caserio, an anarchist who avenged his comrades in 19th century. Caged showcases its political stance, lifestyle and criticizes a collective madness we’re all heading through because of all the bad resolutions of the entire civilization, so Burning Rage Of A Dying Planet could signify a demonstration of both political and secluded stances of the associated bandmembers who’re also devoted vegans. Music-wise, Caged is nourishing 90s metalcore style which reminiscents a sound of bands like Earth Crisis, Catharsis, Racetraitor, Gather, Integrity…etc, but executed with a lot more sense, logic and huge servings of melodies which interlope with some brilliant breakdowns throughout the entire recording. Caged is flirting somewhere among massiveness of metal music, hardcore attitude, and politics of anarcho-punk scene, so you can expect some radical music played by some skillful musicians who are undoubtfully no strangers to this remarkable genres. Burning Rage of A Dying Planet is accompanied by some medieval illustration of a winged skeleton creature which arises upon seashores. The artwork reflects all the darkness of the music and it accommodates perfectly to the entire exhibited material. Burning Rage of A Dying Planet is currently available digitally for a couple of euros at the Caged’s Bandcamp page, so I advise you to check them out and support their work.

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