Bob Malmström – Länge Leve Bob Malmström EP (Elitbolaget Records)


Bob Malmström is a Finnish quartet comprised of some skillful musicians who are playing something between crust punk, black metal, and hardcore punk, but in a very sarcastic way. Their well-produced music is followed up by a very luxurious lifestyle, including some fancy wardrobe, drinking expensive champaigne, smoking Cuban cigarettes, driving fast expensive cars and the band is clearly indicating that life can be much posher than just a plain underground lifestyle. To be fair, I don’t know what the rest of the underground community thinks about their approach to life, but I find it funny as hell and it’s not a thing you can encounter in the music industry every day. Speaking of music, Bob Malmström are implementing black metal vocals onto crust punk music with a few jumps to melodic punk rock, hardcore punk and thrash metal here and there. Länge Leve Bob Malmström EP is produced very well and it includes choir intro, four brand new ripping tunes and the irish-folk version of the Skål, which has been previously published in 2011. Such a strange combination of music and attitude, but it suits well together in some weird way. The band is taking much more positive stance about life than we all used to, so perhaps that’s the reason I still find it difficult to process all of this, but give it a chance, music is really good and it will suit to all the fans of metalized hardcore punk. Bob Malmström has picked The Jolly Flatboatmen, a painting by the George Caleb Bingham, so even the cover artwork is celebrating life. Länge Leve Bob Malmström EP has been published digitally and on the cassette by Elitbolaget Records, a record label from Helsinki, Finland, so you can pick it up through their website or their bandcamp page.