Heathcliff – #chilloutradio CD (Punk & Disorderly / Milestone Sounds)


No matter if you’re at home chilling with your favorite book during the rainy days, bored dealing with paperwork at your job or you’re simply have nothing to do, you will instantly grab your skateboard, jump through the window and ride off to the nearest skatepark when you hear #chilloutradio, a brand new album by Munchen, Germany based skatecore band called Heathcliff. These guys are not joking at all, they are killing it right off with the first beats of the opening track and you’ll be blown away by the amazing drumming and energetic basslines which are filled by the metallish, but melodic guitar riffs. Seriously, this mixture of fast skate punk music, edgy metal attitude and melodic vocals which are enriched with singalongs all the way through are magnificent. The compositions are innovative, interesting for listening, brilliantly played and structurally rich with a bunch of cool ideas. Speaking of genres involved in the writing process, you can mainly hear punk rock, but some metal and reggae elements are present in small doses here and there. Simply, this is how melodic punk rock band should sound in 2019. and whoever disproves should purchase a pair of brand new ears. #chilloutradio comes with an amazing cover art comprised of a burning radio coming out of nowhere and everything is drawn in a modern vector style. It suits well to the music and it’s nailing the album title perfectly. The album has been published by Punk & Disorderly Records & Milestone Records on CD and LP. Both versions look great with LP being slightly more beautiful than CD because of a great green splatter vinyl. The LP is not shrink-wrapped because of the band’s eco-friendly stance about protecting the environment, so much respect to these guys for this kind move. Don’t miss a chance to purchase this one, you’ll be impressed by their energy and surely you will love their music.